"I love how you interact with the children. They are a huge part of your show. They are just absolutely glued to everything you do."

Kathy Sarna,   Argenta Public Library 

"The Balloonman is Super Spectacular!! He puts on a incredable show with balloons that the kids LOVE!!"

Karen Martin   Damascus Public Library

To Boldly Go Where No Reader Has Gone Before!!!

Magic Balloon Show


My name is Marty Boone. I'm Arkansas top balloon artist and magician. I LOVE library shows! I have an absolute blast every year during June and July. This year we're blasting off "Library Space Story Adventure" We are going to flat out learn about different books dealing with FUN space stories!!!  You will witness a game of boys against the girls!! This is AWESOME!! The kids get so excited over this. It is so much fun hearing the kids cheer for each other and watching them during the game. There will also be lots of laughter as the kids help me with all my space story magic with balloons. But of coarse the helpers and myself will get side tract when things go wrong. And for the finale one child will be levetaded because "Libraries Space Stories Rock" and anything can happen!!! After the show I will have space balloon made for each child. Absolutely free and included in the show. That way theres no waiting in a long line. so you might ask, "How much is this fun fast paced action pacted library program?" Its only $275.00. As long as its in a 40 mile radius of Little Rock. After that theres a small traveling fee. If I can book a morning and afternoon show on the same day I would eliminate the traveling fee. I also teach classes in balloon twisting (Balloon Workshop) and perform a teen program which is called "Mind Control fact or fiction" If you bought both the Mind Control and the library rocks show in one day the total would be $500.00 for both programs. It can also be at two different libraries on the same day. So make sure you CONTACT ME now before all the dates magically disappear.

        Thank You,

        Marty Boone


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Arkansas Top Balloon Artist and Magician

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